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Nature has always been my primary inspiration. Her gentle rhythms, bold gestures and quiet determination have always caused me to examine the seasons of my own life and of those around me. Communicating ideas and emotions through nature’s vibrant colors, intricate patterns and textures is the soul of my work.

As a cancer survivor, I have found a fresh new lens through which nature is revealed in my art. Part of my healing has been to use my heart and my art to help others heal as well. I am presently compiling original drawings of mine and other artists to make coloring books for cancer patients while in the hospital and after. I also have artwork hanging in the Providence Cancer Center in Southfield. I believe that putting art in view of and even in the hands of people going through treatment can be a positive and restorative force.

My art is a very tactile process, the materials I use, my technique—the very feeling of the piece is influenced not only by how it feels in my heart but how it feels in my hands. That’s why I never restrict myself to any one medium. I love all the techniques and rules of art almost as much as I love breaking them—I am a longtime instructor of art and forever a student of it. I am very active in my local community and frequently travel in search of new inspiration.


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